Radio Active #53: Computer Repair Frustrations, Boot and Nuke, ChoreWars, Rainbows End

Where do Rainbows End? Find out in Episode #53 as I review Vernor Vinge’s near-future science fiction thriller in which a 75-year-old man awakens to find his Alzheimer’s cured, his body rejuvenated to that of a teenager … and the world transformed almost beyond belief. I also talk about what I’m reading (Pushing Ice, Harry … Read more

Radio Active #45: Crawling Babies, Podcasts Galore, A Deepness in the Sky

Baby NeutronLad learns to crawl and joins me as a guest host of the latest edition of Radio Active. In addition to news about our littlest geek, I’ve got news about a new “Game Day” column that’s running on Nuketown, a review of Gears of War, and audio feedback from Doug of the Geek Acres podcast. In … Read more

Off the Bookshelf: Learning the World, Difference Engine, Wizard’s First Rule

For my birthday this year I headed out to Barnes & Noble with my son Neutronlad for an afternoon of browsing books and drinking coffee. NeutronLad, being about 5 months old at the time, was enthusiastic about the outing, as only a baby can be, smiling, gurgling and generally looking forward to flirting with every woman … Read more

Off the Bookshelf: Jupiter, Deep Fires, The Matrix and Philosophy

After a reading lull brought about by way too much painting in September, I’ve returned to my books with a vengeance. Science fiction dominates my reading list this time around as I return to Ben Bova’s “Grand Tour” of the Solar System with the hard science fiction novel Jupiter then have some fun with Vernor … Read more