Radio Active #39: Nuke(m)Con 2012, Doom, Geeky Media

Soldiers prepare for the worst.

The gaming world has GenCon. My gaming group has Nuke(m)Con. Radio Active #39 starts with a look at our home grown convention and then takes a look at a couple of new geeky media outlets in the form of the Geek Gazette newsletter and Geek Label podcast as well as an exceedingly useful anti-repetitive stress … Read more

Thoughts from a 1-Year-Old’s Dad

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these entries summarizing StarGirl’s development and my own thoughts on Dadhood. Much has changed since the last one (back when StarGirl was 9 months old), but I’m going to focus on the more recent developments. No More Medicine: Every day for the last year, since that … Read more

Gaming Until We Drop at LanceCon I

Just about every week, my gaming group gets together to play our ongoing Greyhawk-based Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s nearly seven years old (its anniversary arrives in September) and its a source of continual fun, camaraderie and unrelenting chaos. It’s not all about D&D, although it dominates our agenda. We also play a huge number … Read more