Radio Active #39: Nuke(m)Con 2012, Doom, Geeky Media

The gaming world has GenCon. My gaming group has Nuke(m)Con. Radio Active #39 starts with a look at our home grown convention and then takes a look at a couple of new geeky media outlets in the form of the Geek Gazette newsletter and Geek Label podcast as well as an exceedingly useful anti-repetitive stress injury software tool for the Mac. Finally, in the category of “movies we watch so that you don’t have to”, there’s a review of the video-game inspired horror flick Doom. The film stars the Rock and once again proves the axiom that you can’t make a good movie from a video game.

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Show Notes

  • Intro:
    • Nuketown Radio Active: the occasional podcast dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of geekdom hosted by Ken Newquist.
  • Nuketown News
    • Nuke(m)Con: A Weekend of Geeking Out 
      • Held our annual “Nuke(m)Con” over the weekend, featuring three of home-grown gaming goodness. Had 7-8 people in attendance, including two friends we haven’t gamed with in years.
      • Started having Nuke(m)Con a few years ago when we realized that we were acutely missing going to GenCon — partly because of the lack of a gaming marathon, partly because it was a great group experience. Originally called “NukeCon” until someone (ahem) complained and we changed the name to Nuke(m)Con.
      • This year was somewhat smaller than most, since two of our number couldn’t make it for the entire weekend, but still had a lot of fun.
      • Friday: Played Settlers of Catan and D&D on Friday, with the D&D adventure featuring our higher-level “B Team” characters trying to take down the infamous mage Eyebiter.
      • Saturday: Saturday morning saw half the crew play a round of disc golf (which apparently is huge in the Leigh Valley, which has a half-dozen courses — who knew?) while I worked feverishly on my adventure for that evening. Saturday afternoon featured a game of Arkham Horror (which proved you need to use the errata rules when playing with five or more players). We broke for dinner and beer at WhichBrew in Easton (
      • Sunday: Battletech ruled Sunday afternoon, with Inner Sphere mechs succeeding in destroying a Clan fuel depot (but resorting to dishonorable many-vs-one tactics to do so).
      • A great weekend — not so many games as we’d normally run but still damn good. Next time around I think we’ll plan on running two sessions a day with time build in for lunch and dinner, rather than attempting three sessions.
  • Promo: Geek Label
  • Sites of Note
    • Geek Gazette
      • (Internet Archive)
      • “Each month we try to bring you the best concerning gaming, comics, and general geekiness.”
      • The September issue features an interview with Jonathan Coulton and a review of this very podcast.
      • Very cool to see the zine scene alive and well in PDF and snail mail form.
    • Geek Label Podcast
      • (Internet Archive)
      • Geek T-shirts, Geek Talk – what a combo. And fitting, since I usually listen to my podcasts at the gym, and I’m in desperate need of some new t-shirts. Enjoy the geek news segments and geek trivia. Well worth a listen, and the t-shirts are definitely worth checking out (I like the class based ones like “Another Prayer Shoutin, Undead Turnin, Blunt Weapon Swingin Cleric” and “just because I heal you, doesn’t mean I like you”, “Respect the Mage” and “galactus ate my planet and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
      • Got a gift certificate, so expect an update on the Geek Label in a few weeks.
    • AntiRSI
      • Repetitive stress injury prevention tool for the Mac
      • (Internet Archive)
  • Movie Review: Doom
    • Details
      • Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
      • Starring: Karl Urban, The Rock
      • Studio: Universal Studios
      • Run Time: 113 minutes
      • Buy it from
    • Review
      • Three parts to a Doom movie:  demons, marines and Mars. They got the Marines and Mars right, but the demons were transformed into yet another transgenic nightmare.
      • What’s wrong with sticking with a literal, rather than figurative, hell?
      • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does a competent job as Sarge, the leader of the Marines who will do anything to accomplish his mission. And the rest of the cast is adequate … but the movie’s banality is what undoes it.
      •  Everything here has been seen before. Done before. At least a half-dozen times.
      • It borrows much of its visuals from Doom 3, which wasn’t a brilliant idea – I (and I think most Doom fans) were looking for the Mars space-station turned Hellfire Abyss of the earlier games.
      • Completely unmemorable. You’re better off re-watching Aliens for the 23rd time.
  • Outro
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