Manforse and Rupert Kretschmann Must Die!

And lo, a great many spammers visit the forums of Nuketown and The Griffin’s Crier, descending like a plague of locusts upon the land. They come seeking page rankings from their great link god Google, and thus, offer endless sacrifices of strange herbs, impossible enhancements and the vast riches of Nigeria.

Yet from this plague would come some good. All of the names which follow belong to spammers. And all must die. To that end, we, the Dungeon Masters of the Blackrazor Guild, shall name the henchmen and disposable minions of our most terrible villains using the monikers of these vile scum. What had been an anonymous, meaningless death at the hands of dungeon-delving adventurers will now be steeped in meaning — the meaning that comes from knowing that you just drove a sword through the guts of some weasley spammer.

  • Abalavsan
  • Abalysan
  • Adwetyren
  • Alanissioth
  • Belshtiar
  • Edsterhabas
  • Feturski
  • Iilizium
  • Green
  • Kev Fedd
  • Larentont
  • Manforse
  • Mr. Kredo
  • Mobilos
  • Nickolas Vanily
  • Rittenhouse
  • Rupert Kretschmann
  • Tramq
  • Uol
  • Santo Sko
  • Slivtery
  • Silas Gamble
  • Tomenronas
  • Whell
  • Weil Manlich
  • Williams

As each one dies and goes to the Layer of Abyssal Spam, they will be added to the Roster of the Dead, with the details of their gruesome ends chronicles for all to see. The killing begins tonight, as the Blackrazors once again return to the deadly corridors of Maure Castle…

Roster of the Dead

There are no dead spammers here. Yet.

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