Dark Sun Creature Catalog

A dragon king stands on a stone ruin.

The sun-blasted, magic-scarred campaign setting of Dark Sun is unlike any other published for Dungeons & Dragons. It inverts or eliminates many of the core concepts of D&D: arcane power is rare, psionic abilities are rampant; Halflings are cannibals, dwarves are slaves, and elves are opportunistic, lying traders. The world itself – known as Athas … Read more

Can you survive arcane wastelands of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting?

A female warrior with a crude sword and shield stands against an orange-yellow desert background.

The Dark Sun has risen again on the parched, magically devastated world of Athas, bringing with it the new rules and mindset of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. First introduced in the early 1990s during D&D 2nd Edition, Dark Sun was meant to be a brutal, unforgiving dark fantasy setting unlike anything the game had … Read more

Looking for Dark Sun web sites

Dark Sun, the grim, post-apocalyptic fantasy setting for Dungeons & Dragons is re-launching this summer for D&D 4E. In honor of that, I’m writing my next “Summon WebScryer” column for Knights of the Dinner Table about Dark Sun … but I need your help. I need web sites dedicated to the setting. I’ve found a … Read more