Random Thoughts on Balticon

I’m back in the real world, having left Balticon in my rear view mirror far sooner than I would have wished. Here are somme random thoughts I jotted down about the con, which easily ranks up there with GenCon in terms of overall coolness. Expect much geeking out about it in the next Radio Active. … Read more

Crowd Sourcing

10 p.m.: Crowd Sourcing / Belmont /Mur Lafferty(M), JC Hutchins, Chris Lester Turning Fans into Minions! JC Hutchins, 7th Son Trilogy, got two book deals from St. Martins Press for 2009 releaase. Chris Lester, Metamorph City. Mur of … Murverse (Playing for Keeps, Geek Fu, Heaven, etc). They can’t do it all, so they need … Read more

Video Podcasting 101

2 p.m.: Video Podcasting 101 / Belmont / Working with the basics: Earl Newton(M), Brand Gambin, Tee Morris, Chris Condayan, Jason Adams, Jon Stallard Video Podcasting 101 featured Earl Newton (Video Podcasting for Dummies) as the moderator (strangerthings.tv), Chris Condayan, (MicroWorld.org), Brand Gambin (CallsForCthulhu.com, Tee Morris (teemorris.com/), Jason Adams (Jason Adams, Jon Stallard (geekradiodaily.com). Tee … Read more

Live Takeover! at Balticon 42

1 p.m. Live! Takeover! (Audio Drama) / Belmont / Mur Lafferty(M), Jason Adams, JR Blackwell, Christiana Ellis, JC Hutchins, John Cmar, Laura Burns Mur Lafferty and Jason Adams began The Take Over as a video project at LuLu, but then they lost their jobs and the project went into limbo. Now it’s back as an … Read more

Arrival at Balticon 42

After staying up too late playing Savage Worlds (and then, admittedly, a little Grand Theft Auto) I managed to haul my ass out of bed and hit the roud, finally arriving at Balticon around 10:30. Now I’m hanging out in the lobby with Doug Rapsome, Mur Lafferty, Jared Axelrod, and a bunch of other folks … Read more

My tentative schedule at Balticon 42

I’m going to my first-ever science fiction convention this weekend as a travel south to Baltimore for Balticon 42. It seems strange that I could be as into scifi as I am, particularly books and novels, and never gone to a convention, but its never really been my scene. Generally speaking, if I’m going to … Read more