Live Takeover! at Balticon 42

1 p.m. Live! Takeover! (Audio Drama) / Belmont / Mur Lafferty(M), Jason Adams, JR Blackwell, Christiana Ellis, JC Hutchins, John Cmar, Laura Burns

Mur Lafferty and Jason Adams began The Take Over as a video project at LuLu, but then they lost their jobs and the project went into limbo. Now it’s back as an audio drama, and the first two episodes debuted at Balticon42.

The live show began with a rousing singing of Re: Your Brains led by J.R. Blackwell, then launched into the meat of the first episode, in which ZombInc — a company in which upper level management are all zombies — is taking over a web development company. It’ll be a full-blown, 10-episode audio drama available in June. Check it out at or MurVerse. The live version should should be online at some point.

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