My MEPACon Fall ’09 events: Star Wars, Day After Ragnorak, Risk 2210

As I mentioned earlier, my gaming group’s planning on attending MEPACon Fall 2009 in force and true to my word I’ve volunteered to run three events at the con: The Antares Run (Star Wars: Saga Edition), The Ruins of New York (Savage Worlds/The Day After Ragnorak), and Risk 2210.

The convention is being held Nov. 13-15, 2009 at the Ramada Clarks Summit, in Clarks Summit PA.

The Antares Run

  • Star Wars: Saga Edition
  • Friday 8 p.m.-midnight

The crew of the Emerald Dawn is in trouble, and they know it. Their shipment was due to the Hutts on Antares two days ago … and they haven’t even found the goods yet! Now a Sith Empire star destroyer is in orbit, and the Dawn’s renegade Jedi is having dark premonitions about the crew’s future. Can things possibly get any worse?

A Star Wars: Legacy Era adventure for 4th level characters using the Saga Edition rules. Up to six players, beginner friendly, characters provided.

The Ruins of New York

  • Savage Worlds
  • Saturday 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

The Nazis awoke the Midgard serpent at the end of World War II. The Americans killed it with an atomic bomb. Now the great wyrm’s rotting corpse stretches across two continents and its radioactive venom poisons the world.

In the drowned ruins of the New York City, a crack team of RAAF rocket troopers and scientists have arrived searching for Doctor Xeno, a half-crazed scientist who’s ophile-tech nullifier just might hold the key to negating the Serpent’s toxins. But they’re not alone: The Soviets have their eyes on the tech as well, and their gorilla super-solders aren’t interested in negotiation…

A Savage Worlds adventure for Ken Hite’s The Day After Ragnorak campaign setting. Up to six players, beginner friendly, characters provided.

Risk 2210

  • Saturday 8 p.m.-Sunday 12 a.m.

It’s two hundred years in the future and the world is about to erupt into war. Forget conquering Australia or South America; in Risk 2210 you need to worry about invading sea colonies, conquering the moon, and imminent nuclear holocaust. Up to 5 players, beginner friendly.

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