Dicember 2017, Day 8: Favorite Retailer

Tales of a GM is running the 12 Days of Dicember, a project dedicated dice in all their randomized glory. The question for the eight day of Dicember is “Who is your favourite dice retailer?”

I buy most of my dice from The Portal, either at their store or at their stand at the biannual MEPACon convention. Most of their dice are from Chessex, but they carry the occasional Q-Workshop dice as well.

When it comes to buying dice, I don’t tend to buy a lot. Typically there are two times when I buy dice:

  • I’m starting a new campaign
  • I’m at a game convention

When buying new dice for a campaign, I try to get something that’s thematically appropriate. With my elemental dice for Dungeons & Dragons, I was looking for medium-contrast dice that complemented the book covers nicely. When I bought my Ragnorok dice, I wanted something that reflected the fire and ash that dominated the Day After Ragnorak campaign setting.

I typically buy one new set of dice at each game convention I go to. That was a hard and fast rule in the old days, but as my budget tightened and my dice pool grew, my convention purchases became less consistent. Nowadays I buy dice when I really like them or if I’m looking for a particular set to complement a character.

2 thoughts on “Dicember 2017, Day 8: Favorite Retailer”

  1. Hi Ken,

    I can see the appeal to have a new set of dice for a new campaign. In this way, the dice become associated with a particular character. Or do you also do this as the GM?

    All the best

  2. Traditionally I’ve purchased new dice as the game master of a particular campaign as I’m one of my group’s primary GMs. In the modern era we tend to rotate GMs within the group a lot more than we used to (with each of us taking a 4-5 episode arc) so the dice I get for a particular campaign usually end up being my character dice as well.

    For our D&D 5e Obsidian Frontier game I did end up getting the Blue/Grey dice featured in Day 7 (https://www.nuketown.com/dicember-2017-day-7-best-pattern/) expressly for my battle master character. That’s the exception to the rule though.

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