Message to 9/11 Hoaxers: The Truth Matters

I’m disgusted. Pissed off. Angry. Why? Because of an e-mail I received this week alleging that while American car companies have donated millions of dollars in money and equipment to disaster relief to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, foreign companies have failed to back up their sympathetic words with donations. It’s simply not true … Read more

On Gas Spikes and the Free Market

During the week of 9/11/2001 I wrote an editorial about the gas spikes taking place in a few towns in the Mid-West. Panicked individuals, shaken by the attacks, were swarming the gas stations for fuel. Gas station owners responded by raising the prices. My point was that this action — usually called profiteering — was not immoral, and indeed, was an example of what was, is and hopefully will always be right with America.

A controversial idea, at least in this day and age. I expected some sort of response and I got one, from Mr. Daniel Bishop. (Read the letter). As for my thoughts on his letter…

The iBook Road Trip

The following review provides an overview of my recent vacation in the western American states of Idaho, Wyoming and Utah with my trusty Apple iBook. December 19, 2001 While running around the house in a frenzy of last minute packing, I trip over the iBook’s power cord, sending it crashing to the floor from the … Read more

Wake Up and Smell the Future, Redux

For some reason last month several readers responded to an editorial I wrote this time last year called “Wake Up And Smell The Future!” One asked if my demands for a high-tech future was a little too materialistic — focused too much on gizmos, and not enough on the Big Issues, like eliminating pollution, global … Read more

Mac OS X Revisited

I’ve been using Mac OS X for about three months straight now, long enough to have experienced the extremes of Apple’s next generation operating system. I’m running the 10.1 release on my dual USB iBook (the second generation, white-colored low-end Apple Macs) — it has a 500 mhtz G3 processor and 384 meg of RAM. … Read more

Aren’t you a little old for that?

My 30th birthday is coming up on the 17th, and that means that I’ll probably be hearing the inevitable question. “Aren’t you a little old for that?” I’ve got a closet full of Dungeons & Dragons books and other role-playing games. I’ve got a Playstation 2 sitting downstairs, a few thousand comic books stacked in … Read more

Nuketown’s Hiatus Ends

Nuketown’s long hiatus is over. Originally, the hiatus was supposed to end in September, and did in a way. After the attacks of September 11, I focused on writing about the attacks, and pretty much ignored the nuts and bolts of the site. Over the last month I’ve spent a lot of time working on Nuketown’s … Read more

OS X.1, Wired’s X-Box feature, Yahoo’s Lord of the Rings and Speedier Macs

OS 10.1 I got this crucial upgrade to Apple’s Macintosh Operating System 10 in mid-October. This is the upgrade that made OS X ready for prime-time, including all sorts of performance enhancing tweaks like faster window-re-sizing, better driver support, a DVD player, and way-faster “Classic” mode for running old applications. I installed it two weeks … Read more