Nuketown’s Hiatus Ends

Nuketown’s long hiatus is over. Originally, the hiatus was supposed to end in September, and did in a way. After the attacksĀ of September 11, I focused on writing about the attacks, and pretty much ignored the nuts and bolts of the site.

Over the last month I’ve spent a lot of time working on Nuketown’s guts, and as a result, the database is finally working the way it’s supposed to, automatically building the home page based on the current date. The “index” pages are almost done, and Im working on display options thatll let people sort through the database in all sorts of cool and froody ways.

So now it’s back to business as usual or at least as close to usual as we can get after 9/11 for Nuketown. November marks the return to our monthly publication schedule, and you can expect to see our next edition on or about December 1, 2001.

One other note I’m helping out as a co-host at Uncle Bears an excellent role-playing game site, and I whole-heartedly recommend that folks stop by and check it out.

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