OS X.1, Wired’s X-Box feature, Yahoo’s Lord of the Rings and Speedier Macs

OS 10.1

I got this crucial upgrade to Apple’s Macintosh Operating System 10 in mid-October. This is the upgrade that made OS X ready for prime-time, including all sorts of performance enhancing tweaks like faster window-re-sizing, better driver support, a DVD player, and way-faster “Classic” mode for running old applications. I installed it two weeks ago, and have been running under OS X ever since. It’s definitely going to win converts to the Apple side of the Force.

November 2001

The cover story is dedicated to “Microsoft’s Secret Weapon”, the X-Box. It’s an interesting read, talking about how Microsoft’s taking an entirely different tact on producing its new gaming console. Rather than building factories to produce the box itself, it’s sub-contracting the work out.

Yahoo! Internet Life
December 2001

Yahoo Internet Life profiles the Lord of the Rings trilogy in its December issue. It covers the net-phenomenon that is LOTR — its worth picking up for those who just have to know everything about the trilogy.

December 2001

MacAddict continues to impress me. The December edition includes all sorts of cool tricks and hacks to speed up your Mac, a few of which I knew of, many of which there’s no way in hell I’m trying — sorry guys but there’s no way I’m cracking open my iBook to overclock it’s processor. It includes game reviews of Baldur’s Gate II and a few other RPGs for the Mac, as well as lots of good hardware stuff. Heck, because of this magazine I finally found a CD-RW drive with USB and FireWire connections (the LaCie CD-RW). If you’re a Mac user, you’ve got to subscribe to this magazine.

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