Star Wars Roundup: Mysticism, Chevin, Vehicle Rules, Dragon Age Adaptions

A round of Star Wars RPG-related posts and web links, including Sterling Hershey’s “Star Wars Wednesday” posts about “Adventuring in the Tree”, “Running Published Campaigns” and “Species Creation”. There are also revised vehicle design rules for Star Wars d6, an adaptation of the AGE system from Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG, a love letter to the d6 system, and a discussion of story reverals in RPGs.

Semi-Official Posts

The official Wizards of the Coast web site for Star Wars: Saga Edition is long gone, but thankfully freelancer has stepped into the void with his Star Wars Wednesday feature. These posts offer advice on running a Star Wars campaigns, new species, new tech, and other helpful tidbits.




  • Episode 128 – Mass Drunk Combat Texting: An overview of the mass combat rules from the Clone Wars Campaign Guide. I wish they’d spent more time talking about specific scenarios and ideas for mass combat, but the overview did remind me how much I’d like to try out these rules in my Mandalorian Wars campaign.
  • Episode 129 – You Got Cybernetics in my Meatbag: A look at the cybernetic rules from the core rule book, the Galaxy at War source book, and myriad other sources.
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