Radio Active #32: Lucas!, Geek Productivity, Transmetropolitan

Nuketown Radio Active returns after a month-long, baby-induced hiatus with news that NeutronLad has arrived! Things then take a technological turn with a discussion of various tools and Web sites to enhance your geeky productivity. The podcast is rounded out by a review of the first of the books on my my Summer Reading List: Transmetropolitan: … Read more

Radio Active #31: Geek Moms, Summer Reading List, X-Men 3

The podcast opens with the old X-Men cartoon theme song in honor of X-Men 3: The Final Stand and the launches into a review of geek mom and geek parenting web sites. There’s no fiction review this time around, as I’m still slugging my way through George R.R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows but I … Read more