Podcamp Philly 2007: Help, I hate the sound of my own voice!

Presented by Rick Glasby, Crashbang Digital, who discusses what mic to use, where to record, and how to tweak your audio setup. Which mic to use: you want to use some sort of condensor mic: Samson CO1U – cardioid sensor Audio Technica AT2020 – phantom power, cardiod sensor Blue Snowball Mic (cardiod or omni directional, … Read more

Podcamp Philly 2007: Your Podcast Statistics

Presented by Rob Safuto, RawVoice and the New York Minute Show. Talks about gathering all sorts of different statistics for your podcasts, from downloads to web statistics to community feedback. Start off with round-table introductions and thoughts about statistics. Ideas include: Libysyn Know Your Audience – engagement FeedBurner – RSS feed, media Know Your Web … Read more

Podcamp Philly 2007

I’ll be in Philadelphia today for Podcamp Philly 2007 at Drexel University. In addition to meeting up with Doug of Geek Acres and some other Pennsylvania podcasters, I’m going to be attending a number of sessions; here’s my tentative schedule: 10 a.m.: Thinking Like a Producer: What we’ve learned so far making MarylandZoo.TV. 11 a.m.: … Read more