Podcamp Philly 2007: Your Podcast Statistics

Presented by Rob Safuto, RawVoice and the New York Minute Show. Talks about gathering all sorts of different statistics for your podcasts, from downloads to web statistics to community feedback.

Start off with round-table introductions and thoughts about statistics. Ideas include:

  • Libysyn
  • Know Your Audience – engagement
  • FeedBurner – RSS feed, media
  • Know Your Web site – Google analytics, wordpress.com

What’s your goal:

I just want to know: what are my stats?

  • # of downloads
  • geographics
  • referrers
  • what clients are downloading stats
  • how can I tell how many are listening/viewing (and should I?) People are very sensitive to the big brother effect (e.g. the Sony Rootkit Incident of ’06)

But what can I do with those stats?

  • use referrers to network with other podcasts who are linking to you.
  • use client list to determine which software to test your feeds in.

How do I know what they do?

  • Build the community; get feedback directly from comments and forms.

General advice

  • Don’t assume that people will visit your site if the feed goes dead or fallow.

Sites that will track your podcast stats (and usually do someting with advertising):

Web site statistics

How do you share these stats?

With regards to advertisers, they’re going to want to know how many people they got referred, how many people got converted to buying the product/becoming a subscriber. Use specific codes/landing pages to track how well a campaign is working.

Run contests, ask people for feedback, social networks — anything that builds community.

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