StarGirl’s First Birthday

StarGirl’s a year old today. Wow. It seems like only a handful of months have passed since the night that Sue and I went to Hunterdon Medical Center, excited, edgy and still not knowing whether we were going to be parents to a baby boy or girl. Still blissfully unaware that our unborn baby was … Read more

StarGirl the Toddler

It’s finally happened. StarGirl walking. She’s officially … a toddler. She first did it on Monday — she wanted to cross our third floor office, and suddenly decided that walking would be the best way to accomplish that task. She made it a foot or two before hitting a toy and falling down, but she did … Read more

Thoughts from a 9-month-old’s Dad

To the Moon … or at least the Third Floor: Jordan’s mastered stairs. She first tried climbing them at my friend Lance’s house on New Year’s Eve, and quickly decided that if she could do those stairs, she could do the slightly steeper ones back at home. After a few trial attempts that took her … Read more

StarGirl’s First Word

StarGirl’s been babbling consistently for the last few months — she likes to “read” books to herself, sitting on the floor, paging through her picture books and mumbling along with each flip. She also likes to tell me how her day was when I get home, babbling on and off from the time I walk … Read more

Thoughts from an 8-month-old’s Dad

My daughter StarGirl’s is eight months old (actually, she’ll be nine months next week). Her hair is slowly coming in — she’s got a few curls around the back of her head — but we still don’t have a clue if its going to be light brown or red (we’re still hoping for red, since … Read more

Thoughts from a 6 Month Old’s Dad

iBook Power Cords are Pretty: iBooks and PowerBooks ship with power cords that have small lighted disks at the end that plugs into the Mac. This disk glows orange if the computer is charging, and green if it’s at full-power. StarGirl’s recently become obsessed with this disk, and is now aggressively trying to grab hold … Read more

3 a.m. Eternal

I love my five-month-old daughter StarGirl greatly. But that’s not to say that she can’t be very, very trying at times. Like last night. Or should I say yesterday morning? I put her down at around 11 p.m., then headed downstairs to finish up a level in Futurama, a PS2 game I’m in the process of … Read more

Thoughts from a Two Month Old’s Dad

Ok, so StarGirl’s almost three months old and this column is about three weeks late, but one of the lesson’s learned this month is how ever little free time you think you’ll have, divide it by at least half and you’ll have a number that’s still wrong, but closer to the post-baby-reality. You Say It’s … Read more

Thoughts on Fatherhood from a One Month-Old’s Dad

StarGirl turned one month old yesterday, which is a fact I find absolutely astounding. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been a month already, and at the same time, it seems like StarGirl’s always been here. Regardless of perspective though, a month has passed and we’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks. Baby’s … Read more

Girls Can Be Geeks Too

Before StarGirl was born someone–I don’t remember who– asked me if I was going to teach the baby how to play Dungeons & Dragons if it was a girl. The question took me aback somewhat–not because I’d ever considered teaching D&D to a girl, but because I’d never not considered teaching it to a girl. … Read more