Thoughts from a 6 Month Old’s Dad

iBook Power Cords are Pretty: iBooks and PowerBooks ship with power cords that have small lighted disks at the end that plugs into the Mac. This disk glows orange if the computer is charging, and green if it’s at full-power. StarGirl’s recently become obsessed with this disk, and is now aggressively trying to grab hold of it (presumably with the eventual goal of putting it in her mouth). Yes, now’s about the time we start learning what the word “No”.

Why Crawl When You Can Slither? StarGirl’s still working on the crawling thing, but she has managed to start locomoting her way around the room using a combination inchworm/slither/roll approach. It inspired a small amount of terror in one of her grandmothers, who suddenly realized that she was going to have to start baby proofing the house. This insight arrived when StarGirl saw her craft tote (a box with a bunch of fabric pouches on it) that contains scissors, pins and a bunch of other sharp objects, and immediately headed for it.

Being Sick Sucks: StarGirl caught her first cold this month, and I don’t know who was more miserable, StarGirl or her parents. Well, scratch that — I’m pretty sure it was Sue, with me a close second. The cold hit Sue first, and she didn’t have a chance to recover from it before StarGirl was sick. StarGirl’s cold threw off her sleeping patterns, and suddenly Sue and I found ourselves with a baby who refused to fall asleep before 1:30 a.m. Because I had to work, Sue bore the brunt of the late nights, though I took over when she was simply too exhausted to deal with StarGirl any more. Even after StarGirl started getting better, it took us days to catch up on our sleep.

Hold Me Damn It! Since she got over being sick, StarGirl has decided that she loves being held at night, and nothing else would do. Rather than play on her laptop, or play with her mobile, she wants to be held … and if you put her down she starts fussing, complaining and generally being pissy unless you immediately pick her up. Not that I’m complaining — after a long day at the office, playing with the baby is a welcome change of pace. That said, three solid hours of anything can get tiring…

Smashed Sweet Potatoes … Yum! We first tried solid foods with StarGirl when she was about four months. We gave her some cereal, but she developed a rash and we decided to back off, not knowing if it was related. At six months we returned to solid food and now she’s eating carrots, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and wheat cereal.

Of course, “solid foods” is a misnomer — there’s nothing solid about them. Instead, they’re all basically the same sort of mush but they have varying color schemes. That said, they are more substantial than formula, and that earns them their “solid foods” descriptor. StarGirl’s happy with her new diet, though some days she is more interested in watching the dogs move around the kitchen or Mommy unloading the dishwasher than taking another spoonful of food from Daddy. One member of the family who loves StarGirl’s new diet is our Labrador, Madison, who has suddenly realized that the baby represents a new food source for her. She now never leaves the kitchen when the baby’s eating.

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