Thoughts from a 9-month-old’s Dad

To the Moon … or at least the Third Floor: Jordan’s mastered stairs. She first tried climbing them at my friend Lance’s house on New Year’s Eve, and quickly decided that if she could do those stairs, she could do the slightly steeper ones back at home. After a few trial attempts that took her three or four stairs, she finally climbed all the way to the second floor. The motivation? Mommy was sitting at the top of the stairs along side our oldest cat, Cougar.

Free Standing Baby: Jordan’s managed to stand on her own for a handful of seconds at a time. We’re still quite a ways from walking, but we’re getting there. The grandparents think she’ll do it by Valentine’s Day, but I thinking her birthday (March 26) may be more likely.

Oh, So That’s Down! Jordan’s suddenly shown an interest in three dimensions … she likes hanging over things and looking down on them (over the side of the bed, into fish tanks, over couches, etc.). She’s still not sure what this whole “height” thing is all about — she doesn’t get that it’s a long way down if she falls off the bed — but she’s certainly intrigued by the concept.

Baby Loves Warcraft! This shouldn’t be surprising, since I’ve been playing it with her for months, but Jordan’s really starting to like Warcraft III. Where as before she’d fall asleep on my lap while I was playing, now when she hears the game she crawls over and starts watching the screen. I think she likes the goofy sounds the workers make (“work, work!” the orcs’ lament) and the sight of the figures marching around on screen.

Talking: Jordan’s hasn’t said much since uttering “Da-Dee” a few weeks ago, though she’ll occasionally surprise us with a few near words. She does babble almost constantly though, occasionally shouting enthusiastically to get her point across.

Imitation is Flattery: While she may not be doing the “Da-Dee” thing that much, she does like imitating us — cough and she will cough, laugh and she’ll laugh, cluck and she’ll cluck. You get the idea. She had Sue and I in tears last week.

First the Keyboard, Next the IRS Dbase: Jordan’s figured out that she’s tall enough to reach the keyboard of Sue’s desktop PC. She likes standing next to Sue’s desk, reaching up with one hand, and pressing whatever keys she can get to. Of course, this is just in keeping with her life long passion for computers. She’s was also infatuated with the Ethernet cable running behind my desk, but unplugging it and turning on my Mac’s Airport card resolved that problem rather nicely.

I Love Jordan’s Laugh: There are very few things better than a baby’s laugh, and Jordan’s is infectious. She’s got a few different ones — the giggle, the excited “ha!”, and my favorite, the belly-shaking, big smile, life-is-so-freaking wonderful laugh!

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