@NuketownSF: ZineQuest updates, Field Guid to Memory, Mystic Mazes, Heroes at Home

A picture of the zine cover.

ZINES | THE VAST IN THE DARK – The first physical copy of a #Zinequest3 zine arrived today: “The Vast in the Dark: A zine about exploring dark and alien megastructures of an infinite realm.” (see featured photo). Now that the Kickstarter is over, you can purchase it at itch.io. GAMES | RESIDENT EVIL – Vice looks … Read more

Top of the Pile: Inhumans vs. X-Men

Two teams of costumed superheroes confront each other, Inhumans on the left, X-men on the right.

Inhumans vs. X-Men, the fight brewing since Marvel’s two main timelines collapsed into one during 2015’s Secret Wars, finally happened. The story lacks the high-stakes punch of Avengers vs. X-Men but this gives it the flexibility to tell a better story. The catalyst is a massive cloud of terrigen mists unleashed by Black Bolt, former king of the … Read more