@NuketownSF: ZineQuest updates, Field Guid to Memory, Mystic Mazes, Heroes at Home

ZINES | THE VAST IN THE DARK – The first physical copy of a #Zinequest3 zine arrived today: “The Vast in the Dark: A zine about exploring dark and alien megastructures of an infinite realm.” (see featured photo). Now that the Kickstarter is over, you can purchase it at itch.io.

GAMES | RESIDENT EVIL – Vice looks at why Resident Evil is still scary 25 years after its release.

MOVIES | 4:3 The Snyder Cut Aspect Ratio Explained – Zack Synder’s Justice League begins with a notice about its 4:3 aspect ratio reflecting the director’s vision. Collider delves into why Synder went that way.

GAMES | FIELD GUIDE TO MEMORY – Polygon reviews “Field Guide to Memory, a ‘keepsake’ game written inside your own personal journal” #journalrpg #journaling

GAMES | THE MYSTIC MAZE – A 1,000 puzzle by the Magic Puzzle Company. A deviously challenging & whimsical puzzle that does things like include straight edges that aren’t border or corner pieces. Hat tip to @minitotoro for suggesting it #puzzles

COMICS AND COFFEE | HEROES AT HOME – Amusing vignettes about what heroes like Black Panther, Spider-man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel do when quarantining at home because of the pandemic available via Marvel’s Instagram account. #marvel #comicbooks

ZINEQUEST | HOMETOWN HOLIDAY – A “TV Romance RPG” inspired by the holiday-themed movies on the Hallmark Channel and Netflix. #zinequest3

ZINEQUEST | AFTER WORLD – How could we not promote a game about a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear fallout? The game’s hook? In this world, things always get weirder before they get better (which sounds awesome)

ZINEQUEST | RELIQUARY – Explore abandoned megastructures & the lost relics of humanity in this far-future, brutalist RPG. Reliquary is a  collaborative, GM-less game in which you build the world as you go. #zinequest

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