Apple’s Fledgling Music Service Rocks

I never got into the whole song-stealing thing. I say “stealing” rather than “trading” because despite all the rationalizations, that’s exactly what it was and is: stealing. In the beginning, there might have been some folks who were sampling music or doing the modern day equivalent of dubbing a friends CD on to tape. But … Read more

The Mighty Mac Mouse Myth

As a Mac user, I get a fair amount of flack from PC folks. Some of it was about the toilet-seat design of the original colorful iBooks (hey, I agree – those things looked awful). Some of it was aimed at processor speed (I admit it – PCs have faster processors, although gap isn’t nearly … Read more

A Comfortable Computer Store?

I finally got to visit one of Apple’s new stores, specifically the Apple Store in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. It was like walking into a little slice of heaven. Dual-processor G4s with beautiful (and ungodly expensive) 22-inch flat screen monitors lined one mall. The new lamp-like iMacs lined another wall and proved … Read more

Apple’s iDisk Rules

iDisk is Apple’s net-based disk drive that’s mountable to any Mac, and accessible from any computer running Windows 98 or better or Unix. And it rules. As a writer, web designer and all around geek, I spend my life on computers. And that means that I inevitably start a story or project on one machine, … Read more

The iBook Road Trip

The following review provides an overview of my recent vacation in the western American states of Idaho, Wyoming and Utah with my trusty Apple iBook. December 19, 2001 While running around the house in a frenzy of last minute packing, I trip over the iBook’s power cord, sending it crashing to the floor from the … Read more

Mac OS X Revisited

I’ve been using Mac OS X for about three months straight now, long enough to have experienced the extremes of Apple’s next generation operating system. I’m running the 10.1 release on my dual USB iBook (the second generation, white-colored low-end Apple Macs) — it has a 500 mhtz G3 processor and 384 meg of RAM. … Read more