The Death of an iPod Shuffle

My trusty, usually dependable 512 MB iPod Shuffle died a slow, tortuous death this weekend. It ended a year-long run of iPod-augmented home-impovement and exercise, and I’m exceedingly sad to see it go.

What killed it? I’m not sure — one day it was working just fine, the next it continued to play its store of MP3s, but could no longer connect or draw power via USB. I tried it on several machines, including my G4 PowerBook, G4 Power Mac and even my Windows XP desktop machine, but none could see the device, nor would it draw power. Resetting the Shuffle had no effect, nor did leaving it sit for 24 hours.

The Solution to My iPod Overflow Problem

After messing around with my iPod last night, I figured out that there was a solution to my “overflow” problem. To re-cap, when you have more tracks than will fit on your iPod, iTunes will automatically create a sort of master play list and load that onto your iPod. This is a simple solution to … Read more

My iPod Runneth Over

It finally happened. After an year and a half, I’ve finally managed to fill my 10 gig iPod. This may not seem like a particularly impressive milestone to some — after all, I know people who’s music collections are upwards of 100 gig, But for me, as someone who doesn’t steal music off the Net, … Read more