Star Wars RPG Roundup: Dec. 2012

It’s been a good year for Star Wars fans. Disney bought Lucasfilm, and announced that a new trilogy — with some of the original actors, but without George Lucas directing — will kick off in 2015. We also saw the return of Star Wars gaming with a slew of new releases from Fantasy Flight Games: The Star Wars card game, expansions for the X Wing miniature combat game, and finally a new Star Wars role-playing game.

Miniatures Games

The X-Wing miniature games is hitting its stride. After launching in April 2012 the game has seen a series of expansions that introduced new fighters, such as Y-Wings, TIE Advanced, and additional X-Wing Dice. Additional expansions have been announced, including The Millenium Falcon, Slave I, A Wing, and TIE Intercepter.

My group’s just started experimenting with the game, and so far are liking what they see. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m sorely tempted to buy the basic edition.

Role-Playing Game

Star Wars: Saga Edition will likely always be my favorite Star Wars role-playing game, but I continue to be intrigued by Fantasy Flight Games’s efforts. Not enough to buy the hardcover of their beta, but I may pick up their Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game. Retailing for $29.95, the game includes basic rules, dice, four pre-generated player characters, and an adventure. It seems like a decent way to try out the game before investing in the core rulebook.

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