Star Wars RPG Roundup: Dawn of Defiance, Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, Order 66

After seeing several Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition round ups over at RPG Bloggers, I decided that Star Wars: Saga Edition could use a little link love as well. There’s not as much news for Saga Edition as there is for 4E, so expect these digests to be posted once or twice a month. In this round up I look at Wizards of the Coast’s new web articles, a new lightsaber form at, and the latest episode of the Order 66 podcast.

WotC: Role-playing Game

WotC: Miniatures Game

  • Jedi Academy: Miniatures Preview 12: The youngling. It’d be nice to get one of these minis, as we just added a Twi’lek youngling to the campaign. Of course we’d need to mod the figure somewhat…



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