Star Wars Roundup: Dathomir Witches, Clone War Source Books, Skill Challenges

It’s been a while since I did a Star Wars roundup, but thankfully the rest of fandom has continued churning out content in recent months. I think this is essential for Star Wars role-playing to carry on; many times when an RPG goes out of print, players move on to other, better supported games. Star Wars is somewhat different in this regard, as fan support for d6 Star Wars shows.

There’s plenty of new Star Wars content being created, and if the mechanics of your favorite system are sound, its easy enough to adapt that content to your game. This round-up demonstrates that’s exactly what’s happening today, as d20 fans (and d6 ones as well) step up to create more content for their favorite systems.


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan source book: A growing source book for the Clone Wars era, based on the cartoon of the same name. It includes chapters on Jedi Knights, Droids, Bounty Hunters, Padawans, and much more, and the best part is they keep adding to it.
  • Star Wars RPG Index: One of the challenges with the Star Wars line is that the rules are scattered across 13 books. If each book had a good index, that might not be a problem, but they don’t, and that makes flipping through the books looking for a particular talent or feat a time consuming process. Until now — the Star Wars RPG Index is a comprehensive database that catalogs all this information in searchable form. It’s already saved me considerable time, both during game prep and at the table.
  • Ornithopter Class Starflyer A luxury starfighter with d6 and d20 stats.




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