Star Wars Round Up: Starships, Dragon Age, Rodney Thompson interviewed

It’s been a long time since I did a Star Wars RPG round up — unfortunately without an active campaign I find it’s all to easy to let the months slip by without searching the internet for material.

For my part, my campaign isn’t entirely dead. I ran a Star Wars: Saga Edition one shot at NukemCon 2012. It was called Forcequake and saw the heroes trying to stop their adopted homeworld of Zebulon Beta from being torn apart by a Sith knowledge cult experimenting with an alien force machine.

It was for 11th-12th level characters, and included a cool flight through a hollow planet (that would be Zebulon Prime, the planet which Zebulon Beta orbits) and a zero-g fight at its core. Meanwhile, there was a pitched fight between Mandalorian occupiers and Sith on Beta, which was interrupted by the arrival of Jedi Master Quest Fios. It saw the arrival of Lord Draconis, a Sith lord who was revealed to be Lornn Varri, a fallen Jedi knight who’d once trained Quest and a number of other padawans.

The game ended with a clash of lightsabers after Quest gave into his rage and struck down his former master … and the Jedi’s own ally, Maddox, moved to arrest him. It was a tense night, and honestly, I have no idea how (or when) it will all play out but it does setup a next logical (and pulpy) chapter: “The Trial of Quest Fios”


Star Wars: Saga Edition

Sterling Hershey continues to be a one-man Saga Edition engine, pumping out new write-ups and commentary for the game.

Star Wars: AGE

Green Ronin’s AGE system — the engine that runs Green Ronin’s Dragon Age — has inspired surprising loyalty from its fans, as well as a good deal of innovation. NewbieDM has been writing an AGE adaptaton of Star Wars. Excerpts of the project have been appearing on


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