#RPGaDay2018 – Favorite recurring NPC?

Calvin Cloudmore. He started off as an inept bandit who’s gang was wiped out by the adventurers that went on to form the Blackrazor Guild. With the party in need of a cleric (and Cal in need of redemption) he became a cleric of St. Cuthbert (albiet with a wisdom so low he had a chance of spell failure under Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition rules).

In the years that followed Cal became staple of the Blackrazor Guild. He went on many adventurers, becoming a well loved (if not respected) NPC. He eventually retired from adventuring and got married. Cal and his wife Clara administered the Caring Cudgel, which was an orphanage founded by the Blackrazor mage Falgar (after said mage accidentally created its inaugural class of orphans when he fell under the sway of a powerful magic item and incinerated dozens of enemies and allies alike during a major battle).

The orphanage was Falgar’s attempt to make amends and it only made sense that Cal would run it.

Alas, the orphanage became call’s legacy. Gaiseric, a fellow Blackrazor and rogue, had long maintained a grudge list of people who’d wronged him … and Cal was near the top of that list. Cal died when a shadow demon possessed Gaiseric … and started murdering everyone on Gaiseric’s list. It was a fantastic night of gaming, as our heroes raced to put the clues together … and suddenly realized that it Gaiseric all along (leading the rogue’s most infamous quote: “Oh … that explains all that missing time!”).

Cal was a great NPC who grew with the campaign. He was also an example of an adventuring NPC / quasi DM PC who worked well. Cal was there when the party needed him (particularly important in the 2nd Edition days) but he never stole the limelight from them.

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