RPG a Day 2023 – First RPG Bought This Year

Forbidden Lands is the first RPG I bought this year and I ended up with two copies: one in English … and one in Swedish.

The Swedish one arrived first due to a shipping mishap. Now granted, my family is Swedish – my grandfather and grandmother came to America as teenagers – so I’ve always had a soft spot for the country. The Swedish version is a beautiful boxed set… but I don’t understand a bit of it. Free League said I could keep it … in case I wanted to learn Swedish someday.

I kept the Swedish version. I don’t have many Swedish things, and it’s an amusing story (at least for me). If I ever run the game, I may use the Swedish version for flavor (eg use the Swedish monster, faction, and location names).

The English version – which was back ordered – arrived eventually and it’s everything I’d hoped it would be. Forbidden Lands is an Old School Renaissance-style RPG based around a hexcrawl. It comes with two books – a player’s guide and a game master’s guide – which have faux leather covers. It also includes a hex map and stickers you can use to mark what you find.

I got it more as inspiration than as a game I’d play … but you never know where the dice will fall.

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Cover art from Forbidden Lands. Credit: Free League.

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