RPG a Day 2023 – Favorite Dice

Usually, my favorite dice are whichever ones I purchased most recently. Right now that’s the glow-in-the-dark sets I got at GenCon 2023. One set is grey, the other green; both have motes that glow from within when the lights are low/out.

I figure they’ll be great for those Delta Green one-shots the Blackrazors were contemplating, or maybe my MEPACON Mothership game this fall.

I also picked up a set of funky purple/pink dice for Mutant Crawl Classics, a game I’m also scheduled to run at MEPACON.

In terms of older dice, I love my Ragnorok dice, which I’ve long used for Savage Worlds. These smokey darn grey dice have red numbers; they are complemented by a single red die that acts as the Wild Die. I initially bought them for my The Day After Ragnorak lunchtime campaign (thus the name).

My absolute favorite die is my glow-in-the dark yellow d20, which gets notoriously good rolls … when I’m dungeon mastering. I rolled so many crits with it that my players (unbeknownst to me) threw it into my gaming closet. It was lost for a year, until I cleaned out the closet and it returned for its rightful vengeance.

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A picture of my new dice, purchased at GenCon 2023. Credit: Ken Newquist

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