RPG a Day 2023 – Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

I don’t buy that many secondhand RPGs, so my pool is limited. Looking over my collection though, one game stands out: Star Wars 2nd Edition by West End Games.

I picked it up for cheap at BoggleCon, a regional convention in Wind Gap, Pa. back in the late 1990s. It was part of a lot that came with the Heir to Empire and Dark Force Rising sourcebooks. I read the book, but never played it, though I’ve been sorely tempted (especially by the Sparks events at GenCon).

The West End Games version of the Star Wars RPG is legendary. Released during the drought of Star Wars material (yes, there really was such a time), the West End Games edition helped keep the Star Wars torch alive. Not only that, it also helped create new canon for the Star Wars universe. Heck, they gave Timothy Zahn a stack of Star Wars RPG rulebooks when he was writing his Dark Force Rising trilogy.

You know, the one that gave us Thrawn?

The same Thrawn that Ashoka is looking for?

So sure, it’s a game I bought over 20 years ago and never played … but it’s legendary, and gave rise to legends. How could I not keep it in my collection?

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My collection of Star Wars (WEG) books; the 2nd Edition rule book and the Heir to Empire and Dark Force Rising campaign book.


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