RPG A Day 2022 – Why does your character do what they do?

Three characters, three campaigns, three motivations:

Zor Nabat (Star Wars: The Republic): Czerka Corporation destroyed Zor’s family business. Now he wants revenge.

Kne Godfinder (D&D 5th Edition: Chroniclers): He got kicked out of university, so at some level, he’s looking to prove himself better than the institution that didn’t value him. He’s also genuinely curious about the world, its secrets, and the mysteries of the gods. Those two motivating factors could lead him down some interesting, possibly dangerous, paths.

Miles MacGuffin (GURPS: The Fast and the Furious): In a true Fast and Furious movie, Miles’ motivation would be family. In our campaign … it’s finding a way to be a “good guy”. Clearly, our characters – who blew up a major hydroelectric dam without much in the way of regrets – are not the most upstanding citizens of the world. A recurring struggle for us is deciding whether we’re good people who occasionally do bad things, or bad people who occasionally do good things. So we debate taking “hostages” vs. “guests”, “prisoners” vs “informants”, and generally try not to plunge too far into an utterly criminal lifestyle.


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