RPG A Day 2022 – Where has that character been?

Three characters, three campaigns, three trips across fictional worlds:

Zor Nabat (Star Wars: The Republic): A frontier world (to capture wild beasts for a menagerie). Nar Shadda (aka the Smuggler’s Moon), Mon Calamari (home world of the species of the same name), Tatooine (a remote desert world; you may have heard of it) and Glee Anselm (homeworld of the Nautolan species).

Kne Godfinder (D&D 5th Edition: Chroniclers): Various location on the Giant’s Plain near the Kingdom of Amn in the Forgotten Realms.

Miles MacGuffin (GURPS: The Fast and the Furious): California (home of our now-destroyed ocean-side base). Various locations in the Pacific Ocean (in our refurbished Soviet submarine. China (trying to figure out who stole gold from the Chinese central bank and used it to pay us). Germany (where we’re trying to clear our names … or at least bring down our nemesis, Mr. Bistro). Our cover for all of these misadventures is that we’re mild mannered, easy-going Canadian businessmen.

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