RPG A Day 2022 – How has the character changed?

Three characters, three campaigns, three potentialities.

Zor Nabat (Star Wars: The Republic): The campaign is still very new, so Zor hasn’t had a chance to change. He has received his first opportunity – thanks to the planetary ocean exploitation operations of Czerka Corporation- to strike a blow against a hated enemy.

Kne Godfinder (D&D 5th Edition: Chroniclers): As a pantheist university dropout, Kne hasn’t changed much. He’s still very much an opportunistic believer, offering praise and worship to any deity who can help him out in a given situation. That has the potential to get him into trouble – during one adventure, he surprised his fellow adventurers by re-animating the corpses of one of their enemies as a new undead zombie ally. His meandering belief system could lead him to some dangerous places and questionable moral choices. And he has perhaps too unhealthy an interest in the secrets sentients were not meant to know. Finding the wrong book at the wrong time could lead Kne down a very dark (or at least, very strange) path.

Miles MacGuffin (GURPS: The Fast and the Furious): Miles just keeps getting harder to kill. So far, he hasn’t learned a single life lesson from his life of high-stakes crime; he probably won’t until it all catches up with him in some dramatic fashion.

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