RPG-A-Day 2021: Medium

Cthulhu called, and I answered. Chaosium’s signature game was one of my first non-Dungeons & Dragons games. My friend Adam introduced it to me in college when he invited me to a one-shot scenario involving a haunted house investigation. ted house.

Was there a medium in that adventure? I don’t recall, though we certainly spent a good deal of time interacting with spirits as we moved from room to room, trying to piece together the mystery of the old house and what had happened in it.

What was so striking about the game was how atmospheric it was. Adam set the mood by turning down the electric lights, burning candles, and playing the most perfect, thematic music I’ve ever listened to while playing a role-playing game.

Yeah, it was that good.

I’ve had a few great games of Call of Cthulhu since then (most notably when we ran Dennis Detwieller’s Delta Green scenario “The Night Floors”) but that first game still remains the best.

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Cover art for a variety of Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green books.

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