Ornament-a-Day 2019: Locutus of Borg

The Locutus of Borg ornament recreates the conversations between Captain Jean Luc Picard and the Borg Queen from the movie Star Trek: First Contact.

A string-powered ornament, today’s Ornament-a-Day entry features Picard – in his Locutus persona – plugged into a Borg charging station while the Borg Queen stands nearby. The charging station features a slowly flashing green disc (the aforementioned charging station) as well as other lights on the base unit. The audio dialogue, which requires pressing a hard-to-find button on the side of the ornament, highlights the verbal dueling of its two figures.

As a Geek Tree ornament, it’s great. The base unit stands out on the tree and provides some much-needed illumination, easily outshining the string light bulb it replaced.

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