Ornament-a-Day 2019: Glass Vader

Glass Vader, today’s Ornament-a-Day entry, is unique: it’s the only blown glass ornament on the Geek Tree.

I’ll freely admit that this wasn’t one of my favorite ornaments when I first got it at one of our family Christmas parties. It’s a black glass ornament with red sparkles near the base, making it difficult to see on the tree (though it does subtly reflect the lights around it). Compared to many of the other ornaments on the tree, it’s decidedly low-tech. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate it’s simplicity and uniqueness. On a tree packed with technology, it’s a simple reminder of Christmas’ Past, and that feels like both a very Christmas and Star Wars sort of thing.

As for the ornament itself, I try to protect it by placing it about midway up the tree, on an inner bough, near the back. Still visible, but at least somewhat shielded from rampaging toddlers (we have fewer of those these days) and enthusiastic puppies (which we have more of).

A black Darth Vader bust hands in a Christmas tree

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