MySpace is Your Space

Yeah, it had to happen eventually. I’ve created a MySpace account, partly as another way of promoting Nuketown and Radio Active, partly to play with something new, and partly so I know what the hell I’m talking about when I’m asked about it (or pontificating on my ol’soapbox).

MySpace has given rise to some of the most butt-ugly pages the Web has seen since those ancient days of 1997 when the infamous marque and blink tags still roamed the Internet. It’s not a place I intend to spend a huge amount of time hanging out on, what with Nuketown needing to be fed and cared for, but it will be yet another outpost of the ol’thermonuclear burg (like The Atomic Age and might just land the site a few new readers.

What I’d really like to try out is Google’s Orkut social networking site, but alas I lack an invite. If you’ve got one to share, e-mail me at

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