Model Rocketry in the Lehigh Valley?

For the last few years I’ve been thinking about getting back into model rocketry — it was one of my favorite hobbies when I was a kid, and it’s just the sort of focused-yet-relaxing activity I could use more of nowadays. Plus, Jordan’s now three and loves to build stuff. While I don’t think she’s ready for rockets just yet, I think she’d really enjoy watching one get built and then launched.

I decided to see if the Lehigh Valley had any rocketry clubs, but so far nothings turned up. I tried the National Association of Rocketry’s club list but there’s nothing in this area, though there are a bunch elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

I also checked out the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society web site because a few web posts had “rocketry” associated with them as a keyword, but I didn’t find anything relating to it on their web site (though it did remind me of the joy of star parties, which I think Jordan might just be old enough to attend). I’m going to e-mail them to see if they know of any local clubs, just in case.

Subsequent searches didn’t turn up much, so there’s no joy in Rocketville, at least today. And honestly, I find that a little surprising — with all the colleges and universities around here, you’d think there’d be at least one rocketry club in this area. If anyone knows of a Lehigh Valley rocketry club, or if you’re into rockets and live in the valley, feel free to e-mail me at or post a comment below and let me know.

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