Game Day: The King in Yellow, Constant Sentinel Updates

I missed out on gaming last week, which makes me overly eager to throw some dice tonight. We’ll eschewing our normal role-playing campaigns in favor of a a round of the most excellent board game Arkham Horror, this time with the very cool-looking expansion, The King in Yellow.

We have one, maybe two role-playing sessions left before we go to GenCon, and we’ll be focusing on finishing up the current leg of the Khalez-Mar campaign. Meanwhile, my Mutants & Masterminds campaign continues to simmer, and should be returning to the front burner sometime in late August or early September.

The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow has a short, but memorable history in our gaming group after our Delta Green agents ran through the “Night Floors” scenario. It the scenario, the artistic inhabitants of a New York brownstone begin circulating the pages of the King’s namesake play, driving each other made and opening doorways to the Night Floors, otherworldly levels of their apartment building that lead to mind-warping realities.

That session ended with the agents’ foray to the Night Floor, where one of their number went mad and started shooting at the monstrous minions who had begun hunting him through the strangely twisted corridors.

Of course, those monsters were his fellow agents. They managed to seal him into one of the Night Floor’s rooms, and he proceeded to fire at them blindly through a wooden door, nearly killing his friends, who promptly fled, leaving him to his fate.

Now the King returns with the The King in Yellow expansion for one of our favorite board games, Arkham Horror. Fantasy Flight Games explains:

This expansion introduces a major new mechanic to Arkham Horror – Heralds, who prepare the way for the Ancient One to arrive. In addition, old familiar faces will be turned against the investigators in ways they never expected. Featuring over 160 new cards, the King in Yellow heralds a darker age for Arkham Horror fans.

Combined with some music by Midnight Syndicate and a stash of Mountain Dew (because, you know, it’s yellow this should be one great night of gaming.

And since I know we’ll need them later, here’s the PDF of the rules for The King in Yellow.

Heroes in the Background

I’ve been steadily working on Volume 1 of Infinity Storm, our superheroes campaign, as we wrap up Khelez-Mar and prepare for GenCon. I’ve outlined Issues #1-#4, though I’ll admit that I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with #5, which will be the campaign cliffhanger.

I’ve posted a number of new entries to The Constant Sentinel, and a bunch more ready to go to keep things slowly moving forward as the summer winds down. New posts include:

  • ROCK FIGHT!!!: A fan’s eye view of the events of the first Freedom City session.
  • The Unfab Four: The supervillains known as the Factor Four are back in Freedom City; InfinityLord blogs about their history.
  • Downshafted?: Has the time-slowing supervillain Downtime returned to Freedom City?
  • We’re sending you … BACK to the FUTURE!: Weird weather equipment from Freedom City University just showed up in Hanover, and the nerds at HIT aren’t happy about it.
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