Game Day: The D&D 4th Edition Campaign Launches

Today’s the official start of our Dungeons & Dragons 4th mini-campaign, Planetorn. It’s our testbed for 4th edition, and I expect the campaign to run about five to eight sessions, or until the end of the summer, which ever comes first.

Since this is the first night of the campaign I don’t have time for a proper Game Day column, but I figured I’d post a few 4E friendly links:

  • 4th Edition Power Cards: Trying to keep track of your characters powers without flipping through the Player’s Handbook? Try printing out this color-coded power cards.
  • 4th Edition Character Sheets: It took ’em long enough, but the 4E character sheets are online.
  • H1 Keep on the Shadowfell characters: Curious about what 4E characters look like? Check out these sample characters from H1, the first module for D&D.
  • Keith Baker – Skill Challenges: 4E’s been getting a lot of heat about how skill challenges work (or fail to work). Keith Baker, of Eberron fame, explains how he uses them. Good DMing trumps simple math any day.
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