Delta Green: Eyes Only and Targets of Opportunity available as PDF

I love Delta Green. I rarely get to run it, but Delta Green and its sequel, Countdown have more than earned their place on my game bookshelf. This is thanks to its modern horror take on the Chtulhu mythos and compelling scenarios like “The Night Floors”, in which a certain play dooms an entire apartment building.

My biggest regret has been that I wasn’t able to get two of the limited run source books for the setting. The first is Eyes Only, which packaged together three chapbooks that covered the Mi-Go, the Fate, and Project Rainbow (which is apparently about a failed U.S. military teleportation experiment). The second is Targets of Opportunity. The book was another big tome like Countdown and covered a secret cursed community in the Pacific Northwest, a Canadian agency dedicated to investigating the supernatural, the Disciples of the Worm, the Cult of Transcendence, and a corrupt family in the heart of New Orleans.

I’d hoped that both would come back — preferably as print products, but even PDFs would be fantastic. My wish came true. Or at least, half true. PDFs of these products are now available through DriveThruRPG/RPGNow thanks to Arc Dream Publishing.

The press release says these PDFs were made from the original source files, not scans, and it shows. I bought Eyes Only and found it to be a crisp, well-formatted read. There’s none of the headaches of the early Call of Cthulhu PDFs, which had awful bleed-through and was clearly based on a scan.

I have no idea if or when I’ll be able to run scenarios based on these books, but I think their existance in my PDF library means we have a much better chance of spending another night at the opera…

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