Attack of the Back(seat)-Stabbing Driver!

It’s like a scene out of a horror movie: an unsuspecting woman pumps gas into her car, only to be summoned inside by a gas attendant who informs her that — horrors! — a knife wielding lunatic is lurking in the backseat. In truth, it is a scene from a horror movie — the horror … Read more

Attack of the Mercenary Kidney Thieves

They’re out there. Lurking in the shadows. Waiting to strike at a moments notice. They’re renegade medical students, and they’re hell bent on stealing your kidneys and selling them on the blackmarket! Or not. The infamous kidney thieves are a classic urban legend, transported on to the net and given new life in the 21st … Read more

Return of the Scalp-Eating, Braid-Inhabiting Spiders!

They lurk, deep beneath your hair, nesting close to your scalp, waiting patiently to hatch and wreak destruction upon the landscape of your head. No, they’re not head lice. Or fleas. Or ticks. They’re spiders … swarming, nasty, black spiders and they’re going to devour your skull! Or not. The ‘bugs in the hair-do’ urban … Read more

KFC’s Mutant Chickens Threaten World Domination!

Mutant chickens are running amok in the fast food industry! In an effort to save costs, Kentucky Fried Chicken ditched its full name, switched to KFC and began using genetically engineer quasi chickens that taste like chicken, but are kept alive through dubious means. Unfortunately for chickens everywhere, this is a hoax. I first debunked … Read more

Did Nostradamus Predict the 9/11 Attacks?

News reports say America’s intelligence agencies had no warning that terrorists were going to seize four planes and use them to launch devastating acts of war against New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They should have been reading their Nostradamus — the cryptic old sage predicted the attacks. Or so says a … Read more