Budweiser Frogs Threaten Virus Havoc

An old e-mail hoax featuring the Budweiser Frogs has recently re-surfaced with a slightly re-tooled message of digital destruction. The original version of the e-mail, which I last remember seeing when the Budweiser Frogs were still popular (about 1999) just promised to destroy your hard drive. But in keeping with the times, the new version … Read more

Downtrodden Debbie Shwartz Hoax Claims AOL Will Give Her Money for E-mail

A tragedy-filled, tear-jerking e-mail claims you’re a heartless if you don’t forward an e-mail that will net a distraught mother .12 cents from AOL for every person you send it to. But if you do forward it, what you’ll be missing isn’t your heart — it’ll be another essential organ that usually resides inside your … Read more

“Life Is Beautiful” Virus is a Hoax

An e-mail that claims that life won’t be beautiful if you unleash a virus hidden in a Power Point attachment is a hoax. The hoax says the name of this nefarious hoax is “Life is Beautiful” and claims it will simultaneously cause you to lose everything on your computer and give the evil hacker “life … Read more

Free Perfume Samples Kill Women Victims

Drawing on remembered fear of the anthrax scare, an e-mail hoax is alleging that seven women have died after inhaling few perfume samples they received in the mail. I wrote the original debunking on 12/16, but updated it on 10/24 with new information from the CDC (which further debunks the hoax). Here’s the original e-mail: … Read more

Rat Urine on Soda Can Kills Store Clerk

In 1999/2000, an e-mail hoax surfaced claiming that a man in Hawaii died after being exposed to rat urine in the back room of a supermarket. Although it offered good advice — always wipe off your soda can before drinking from it — the content’s were false. The hoax has gained a few paragraphs since … Read more

Customers Pricked by HIV Needles at Gas Pump

What’s the one thing that can get motorists’ minds off the sting of high gas prices? That’s right — the Attack of the Killer HIV Needle! An email that I first saw in the Summer of 2000 alleges that some whacko with HIV positive blood is sticking him/herself with needles, and then “affixing” these needles … Read more