Blogworthy: Sane Mornings, Tachyon Rockets, Library Maps, Player Help, Random Tables, Ulaa Battles

Blogworthy is a regular column dedicated to blog posts that I’ve read and enjoyed. It’s a direct outcome of my RPG Blogs Reading List on Feedly.

How I Keep My Mornings Sane: Berin Kinsman talks about his electronics-free, relaxing morning routine. I’m looking to revamp my own morning routine, so this was a worthwhile read.

When Will SF Learn to Love the Tachyon Rocket?: Tor reviews the history of tachyon-powered space travel and speculates on why more science fiction writers haven’t embraced a tachyon-powered rocket.

“Now, these tachyon-propelled rockets couldn’t break the speed of light—though they might get close to it. Regardless of the means of propulsion, the ships themselves are still subject to relativity, and nothing with a rest mass that is not imaginary can reach the speed of light. But what they could do is provide extremely high delta-vs without having to carry massive amounts of fuel.”

Don’t ask what the GM can do for you: In this re-post, Stargazers World reminds players that the responsibility for folks having a good time during a game session does not fall solely on the shoulders of the game master.

“There’s a common misconception in our hobby that the GM is solely responsible for whether a game is fun or not. Sure, a bad GM may ruin a game, but more often than not this could have been avoided with the help of the players. Roleplaying games are a group activity and everyone at the gaming table shares the responsibility of making the game fun. So what can you do as a player to make the GM’s job easier?”

Monday Map: Loot The Library: Loot the Room presents a library map complete with room key and descriptions. It’s a smaller library, owned by a single scholar, but still potentially useful for your campaign.

1d20 Random what’s in an adventurer’s sack: You never know what you might find while looting through a dead adventurer’s obligatory burlap sack. This chart from Sword and Stitchery provides some possibilities.

“A gold plate head of a kobold sealed with alchemy wax. The eyes of the thing still move & will follow the person holding it. Worth 60 gold pieces to a wizard.”

Greyhawk: Let’s Fight Ulaa: My Glossography from the World of Greyhawk boxed set still has notes indicating which gods my characters killed. This Greyhawkery column revisits the god-killing adventures of yore with “Let’s Fight Ulaa”

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