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The Last Parsec – Jumpcorp Guide to Interstellar Salvage: The Last Parsec is a space opera setting for Savage Worlds that has a Star Frontiers meets Mass Effect feel. This new sourcebook provides rules and setting material for exploring – and salvaging – derelict spacecraft. It sounds like a great setup for a campaign to me since you could easily mix together elements of FireflyAliens, and Space Hulk.

The CBS/Viacom Merger Is A Go, And A New Age For Star Trek Could Come With It: Speculations on what could happen now that Star Trek’s television and movie parents have gotten back together again.

1999: Brave New World: One of a series of posts at Reviews from R’lyeh focusing on games that came out in the anniversary years of the RPG hobby. This one focuses on the superhero RPG Brave New World, released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (and later picked up by Alderac Entertainment Group). As the review states, it is “a superhero roleplaying game of protest and resistance in an American fascist nightmare, inspired by comics such as Kingdom Come and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, storylines from the X-Men series, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, and more.”

To Delay Death, Lift Weights: [sigh] I really should do more strength-training exercises.

The Toolbox Fallacy: Good advice for everyone who’s ever said “I’ll do [insert life dream] when I … [get that new computer] [have time] [win the lottery] [insert impossible gate here].

Internet Archive releases 2,500 MS-DOS games so you can relive the ’90s: The world takes another step toward the fictional universe of Ready Player One with the Internet Archives’ release of games like Oregon TrailPrince of Persia, and Master of Orion.

NASA Visualization Shows a Black Hole’s Warped World: Most depictions of black holes show a glowing accretion disk falling into a vaguely spherical black hole. Those visualizations tend to ignore the weirdness of black holes, and how the black hole’s gravity plays tricks with how people perceive these stellar monsters. NASA’s visualization shows how things might actually look.

11 Unproductive Habits You Want to Quit: A good, quick hit article on how to be more productive by ditching unproductive habits like overworking, worrying, ignoring your health, and checking things. I agree with all of it.

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Cover art from The Last Parsec – Jumpcorp Guide to Interstellar Salvage. Credit: Pinnacle Entertainment Group.


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