Working Toward Opening Day

The Broken Ankle Saga continues, though it might be better described as the Healing Ankle Saga. In the week and a half since my last post, a lot has improved: I have almost no numbness in my foot and the nerve pain has quieted considerably. I’m regularly putting 80 lbs. of weight on my right foot and incrementing that amount by an additional 20 lbs. every week.

I’m definitely feeling better, which is good, but it brings with it the spectre of overdoing it.  I’ve been spending more time at work, going from full days at home and half-days at work to mostly full days at work. For the most part, that’s ok, but it leaves me tired and wired at the end of the day. The feeling is difficult to describe; it’s like my foot/ankle/leg is restless and it makes it difficult to get comfortable.

I’m mindful of the consequences of too much uptime, and I’m trying to build consistent downtime into my schedule. It’s hard, especially now that I’m back in the office more, but it’s necessary.

March — and the possibility of getting the boot off — is drawing closer. I’m trying not to fixate on it; it’s entirely possible that I’ll need to keep wearing the boot even as I’m going to physical therapy, and that this entire process could run into April or May. That said … I’m optimistic. My ankle is feeling good, I’m following the rules, and maybe — just maybe — I may be feeling something like my old self once baseball season rolls around. The thought of being able to play catch with NeutronLad — and being able to walk around Coca-Cola Park during Opening Day of the IronPigs — are huge motivators for me.

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