The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Sue hasn’t had the baby yet. Everyone wants to know, so I figured I’d throw it out there before I wrote another word.

Sue’s “informal” due date of March 14 — which we got from the ultrasound tech — has come and gone and her official due date of March 21 is getting closer by the minute. And let me tell you, we are counting each and every damn minute. Well, maybe not counting, but certainly noticing.

Like the wise man said, waiting is the hardest part. Or at least, the hardest part until Sue goes into labor, which I think ultimately may end up being as hard or harder (or at the very least, a hell of a lot more painful).

So we’re waiting. And how are we killing the time you might ask? We’ve got a few puzzles, which are good for winnowing away the evenings — it gives you something to exercise your mind with, yet allow allows you to forget about the damnable waiting (yes, damnable — waiting at months 1-8 is good, waiting at 37+ weeks is bad).

We went out and bought a digital camcorder last night — no, we’re not planning on videotaping the birth, but we are planning on taking some digital pictures and video afterwards — we’ve got relatives and friends scattered to the four winds, and they’re all expecting images ASAP!

I’m actually starting to feel a little less stressed as we get closer to Sue’s due date. I’ve completed all of my work assignments that had to be done before the baby came, and I’ve written the last of my freelance reviews and columns. Of course, there there’s always more work to do, and I’ve got deadlines coming up in April, but right here — right now — I’m finally feeling like I’ve got all my ducks in a row. Now all we need is for the baby to come.

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