Still No Baby

Well folks, we’re at T-11 days and counting, and still no baby. We had our weekly baby appointment today, and the midwife said everything was going well … and that we had a nice-sized baby coming. How big does that translate to? Not a clue.

So … the waiting game continues. We’ve got our bag packed for the hospital and we’re doing all of our breathing exercises on a nightly basis. We’re trying all the folk remedies (some of which are more fun than others…) to induce labor, but obviously, we haven’t had much luck on that front yet.

We have been making some slow progress on other fronts though. We bought the dresser for the baby’s room two weeks ago, and I assembled it on Saturday and Sunday, so we’ve finally been able to put away a lot of the baby’s clothes. Just as importantly, the baby’s room is actually starting to look like a person could live in it now.

We’ve got two of the three Winnie the Pooh banners we painted hanging up — I just have to tweak the third and we’ll be good to go. The only thing we really have left is the carpet, which we’re hoping to pick up next week. Once it’s done I’ll be sure to post pictures and QTVR to Nuketown, since I know a lot of our friends are dying to see how the room turned out.

And that’s it for now. Back to waiting … and waiting … and waiting.

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