Linksys, Open NAT, and Halo 3

I’ve had an Xbox for going on four years, and a 360 for one and a half. I’ve spent many a happy hour playing online, both over Verizon DSL and RCN Cable, on the 360 … at least until Halo 3 arrived. For some reason, Halo 3 refused to play nice like the rest of … Read more

Game Day: Halo, Halo, Halo!

A Spartan supersoldier in body armor stands in front of a blue-orange sunset.

The Lehigh Valley’s annual Celtic Festival is underway in Bethlehem, which means that most of my friends chose to drink, eat and listen to great music rather than game. That said, two of us were still able to get a little gaming in, namely a playtest of the new Halo ActionClix collectible miniatures game from … Read more

The Green Arc of Life

It’s only fair that since I complained mightily when my Xbox 360 died, I should also let everyone know when it was resurrected. During the week after my machine died, I spent a lot of time on the phone with Xbox and Best Buy, determining that a) either of them would replace the broken Xbox … Read more

Deciphering the Red Rings of Death

If your Xbox 360 is red-ringing, and you’re looking for half a clue as to why, check out the AV Science Forum’s 3 Red Rings Xbox Diagnostic. It explains how to put your 360 in to diagnostic mode, and what the different patterns of flashing lights mean, such as “0001 power supply problem” or “0022 … Read more

The Red Ring of Death

You’ve got to give it to Microsoft — no one creates iconic crash messages like they do. The Blue Screen of Death tormented and terrified millions of Windows users and while it’s appearances have been greatly diminished since the release of XP, it’s legend lives on. Now with the 360, Microsoft has created a new … Read more